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J-Davide is an open source software for the management of a law firm. As a result, from one hand, such software may be freely used, modified and re-distributed, from the other, the availability of the source code allow the user to make whatever personalization he wants.

The software may be freely downloaded (free version) at the following internet address http://www.jdavide.it/dload1.htm.

The system also permits a centralized management of all activities of a law firm and provides fee-making, filing and calendar services. However, a more detailed description of J-Davide’s functions may be found at the following address http://www.jdavide.it/IMG/pdf/volantino_JDavide.pdf.

Moreover, the software is multiplatform, since it may be installed on windows, macintosh and linux machines.

On end, we publish some screenshots of the software. Good Work and congratulations to J-Davide!

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